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Pretend you are a researcher in T.H.E. and you have been given free reign to decide on a new research topic, but you need to have your topic and methodology approved by your oversight committee. Prepare a research proposal that highlights the following properties:

The Question (5 marks) – Choose an interesting and relevant question to THE industries. You will also need to explain why this question is important and who will benefit from knowing the answer (think about key stakeholders like Hotel owners, Tour Operators or DMOs). Think about something topical and potentially useful. Make sure it’s sufficiently specific, broad questions like “how many tourists will visit BC in 2023” are too unwieldly, vague, and beyond the scope of a single research project.  

Background (5 marks) – Very brief literature review of your field of study, 4 sources 

Research Paradigm (5 marks) – How is your proposal situated in the field, are you approaching it from a Positivist, Interpretivist, Post-Positivist or other perspective, and why? 

Research Methodology (5 marks) – How will you collect and analyze the data, what is your implementation plan? Be sure to have justification for your chosen method (probably from the literature) 

You will need to have a Bibliography at the end of your proposal and use APA citation. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.

Be sure to save your proposal as a .pdf and submit by the deadline noted.

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