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Option #1: Employment Harassment and Discrimination

Quite possibly, the most significant issue impacting business today is the rise in employment harassment and discrimination claims. This impacts not only the workplace, but dominates our political realm as well, as referenced by a recent Supreme Court nominee and US Senator. With that as a background, write a paper that addresses the following:

· Describe/define the principle federal laws associated with harassment and discrimination.

· Discuss the state of harassment and discrimination in today’s workplace (statistics, scope, for example).

· Finally, as a human resource professional, detail a thorough and comprehensive strategy that would significantly reduce the level of harassment and discrimination complaints that currently face US businesses. Your strategy must include at least three strategies, including any impediments that may affect their implementation.

Your paper should be:

· 5 pages in length, Include a formal references page. This is an individual paper; 

· Formatted and cited according to the APA

o Supported by at least three scholarly sources and can include resources from this course. 

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