Bmgt 496 – business ethics – internet license

This discussion post should be 300-450 words maximum. It must explain ‘why’ with supporting evidence and concepts from the attached course materials only. Include APA in-text citations and reference list. The use of the course materials is required. Please see the discussion question below.

Driving on the Internet Express

In an interesting video embedded below, the presenter, A.C. Markkula, Jr., a co-founder of Apple, takes the position that access to the internet is a privilege and not a right. To curb some of the abuses and harmful effects Markkula suggests (perhaps tongue in cheek or perhaps seriously?) a drivers’ license approach to the internet. In essence, to obtain and maintain your ability to use the internet you would have to go through a process similar to obtaining and retaining your drivers’ license. Describe at least five ethical implications of Markkula’s approach. 

Note: This video may not be available in all countries. You may read a summary of the video at this link:

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