Biology: species choice submissions | Biology homework help

 Species Choice

For this homework, you will introduce your course project topic by uploading a brief presentation. 

The topic of the course project will be any species native to Texas. The organism should come from one of the four major kingdoms (Protist, Fungus, Plant, or Animal) and be indigenous to Texas. The organism should NOT be a domesticated pet but rather a species that is native to the local area in Texas

  1. Familiarize yourself with the course.
  2. Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation
    • (2-3 slides) and upload it as a file attachment. 
  3. Your mini-presentation should include the following:
    • Your name, date, class name, and Instructor name
    • Common and scientific names of the organism. If you need help writing a scientific name, check out this great resource from Chomchalow (2001):
    • Area of residence (city, state, country, etc.)
    • Why you chose this organism
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