Assignment: final project milestone 1 | IDST 2050C – Interdisciplinary Experience: Sustaining Quality of Life in the City | Walden University


                                                          A City Museum: Focus

Recall that for the Final Project, you are the director of a museum and you must select a focus for the museum. When thinking about the appeal of a museum, you must think in terms of who will visit it and what it will mean to those visitors. Your audience will be mainly residents of the very city that you celebrate but, in order to be successful, your museum will also need to attract visitors from all over the world. How can you appeal to a worldwide audience?

In Final Project Milestone 1, you first give us some general information about your city, then select the museum’s focus. Then, you apply a wider, global lens to that choice.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the “Final Project Summary” document in the Week 1 Learning Resources area.

Review the resources you chose using the guidelines provided in the “Student Contributed Resource Worksheet” document in this week’s Learning Resources area for applicability to this Assignment.

Write a 300-word proposal in which you do each of the following:

Offer a brief description of your city and its residents (geographical location, size, a breakdown of ethnicities & classes, major employers etc.)

Decide on your museum’s focus (Industry and Commerce, History, Science and Technology, or Arts and Culture) and describe concrete ways in which this focus is evident in or important to your city.

Explain how the focus you chose answers the needs of or represents the citizens of your city.

Describe how this focus is appealing to visitors from outside your city.

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