Assignment 2) working on understanding: more from singer’s “all



This assignment differs slightly from your first one in that I’ve filled out the first two steps of your argument outline for you. That means you have your argument (step 2) and the claim it’s based on (step 1). Of course you’ll have to figure out just what that argument means and how to prove it. You’ll also have to figure out a possible objection to this argument and overcome it on your own. Now, please be aware that the info already in the model might not make sense to you even though you have prior knowledge on the subject. If that’s the case, then feel free to add a bit more to the steps I’ve provided while maintaining the outline’s thesis and direction. Once you have the requisite understanding of the argument and have successfully dealt with an objection, write your longer paper just like last week. Title it, double-space it, 1″ margins and 12 point TNR font only. Two full pages minimum, three full pages maximum. Long story short: this assignment follows the same form as last week except I’ve filled in some of it for you.

1) Peter Singer argues that our morality should grant all sentient beings moral consideration.

2) I argue that while we can understand moral principles of this sort, we have difficulties changing our behaviors to match these principles.

3) Foresee one possible objection to this argument and explain how your argument can overcome this objection.

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