Administration and supervision in criminal justice – chapter 9


Required Textbook: Managing Criminal Justice Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, by Richard R.E. Kania and Richards P. Davis.

Chapter 9 Questions to be answered in APA format. No plagiarism.

1. Discuss the rising standards for education and criminal justice training in each of the major areas of criminal justice employment.

2. Debate the question of the competitive merits of a technical-professional versus a liberal arts preservice education for new criminal justice employees.

3. Discuss the relative merits and disadvantages of the three means of providing in-service training: OJT, in-house, and contracted-out training.

4. Explain Chris Argyris’s immaturity–maturity theory in terms of criminal justice employee socialization.

5. Explain the three stages in criminal justice employee socialization: anticipatory, formal, and informal.

6. Discuss a criminal justice manager’s socialization strategy options.

7. Know the meanings of the following commonly used abbreviations: AA, AAS, BA, BS, FTO, GED, LEAA, LEEP, MPA, MSW, OJT, and PERF

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