Acting on trends | Management homework help

 Read “How Companies Act on Global Trends”  and “Build your business on trends, not fads“.  Your task is to write an argument that makes a case for why “the hospitality industry must respond pro-activity to global trends and how to stay away from fads”. It is recommended to first present a summary of what you consider to be the key points from the readings, followed by the argument supporting your case of why the hospitality industry must respond to trends.

Your paper should be 800 words (plus, minus 10%), follow APA formatting, and must reference a minimum of 1 additional source (beyond the two sources provided in this assignment), and must tie into your class learning.  


Readings for Assignment: 

The Mckinsey Quarterly (2006) Going from Global Trends to Corporate Strategy, Will your business Catch them before the catch it? (


Entrepreneurship in a box (2020) 6 Hot Reasons to follow trends around your business 

 Phillips, J. (2017) Build your Business on Trends, not Fads  (

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